News > 7 May 2016

New Artists, New Styles, New Paintings

Its been a busy week and a very exciting one for us too.

We have new pieces by artists names you'll recognise and new artists too. 

New from John Horsewell, Allan Morgan and Mary Shaw always bring a smile. Indeed, both of John's new paintings are in the window and stopping people in their tracks.

Completely New to the Gallery are these four names. Keep an eye on them.

Michael Claxton paints in bold strokes, creating wide vista's that suggest a wider view. Calming, yet powerful these pieces add a new dimension.

Alison Johnson creates a sense of movement through colour. light and balance.

Marius Kaldowski is a talent that enjoy success here in the UK and back in his nature country of Poland. there woodland based pieces give a sense of season's passing, the day changing the atmosphere of the woodlands he paints.

Janice Stubbs, an accomplished portrait painter. These equine studies are full of the beauty of the horse using mixed media to create movement. 

Janice Stubbs
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