News > 1 June 2016

Artist Paints WWI Design On Yacht

A Glasgow-based artist by the name of Ciara Phillips has painted a stunning and elaborate design on a massive 239ft long yacht to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Battle of Jutland. The intricate design, which can be seen in this BBC report, celebrates the untold histories of women during the first world war. 

The designs emulate the ‘dazzle technique’, which was pioneered by British marine artist Norman Wilkinson. Painted on the hull of the ships, the dazzle technique involves convoluted designs and shapes that were designed to disorient opponents so that they could not tell the distance or speed of the approaching vessel.

Ms Phillips’ design, titled Every Woman, celebrates the women who worked as telegraphists and signallers during World War One, as well as the erstwhile role of the ship as a supplier to remote lighthouses.

The Yacht currently resides in Leith Docks in Edinburgh.

Ciara Phillips is a Canadian-born artist who studied Fine Arts at Queen’s University in Glasgow. She has remained in Scotland ever since, enjoying increasing success and acknowledgement which has culminated with her recognition in this project, which was co-commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival and 14-18 NOW. 

Although we at Mayne Gallery lack the space for a gigantic 72m painted yacht, you can still come and see our array of exhibitions, contemporary art and sculptures from up-and-coming artists like Ms Phillips. And, if you do want to see a few yachts, we’re not far from the sea!
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