News > 12 September 2016

Devon Named As Hotspot For Outdoor Activities

Devon offers everyone a variety of different things – contemporary art exhibitions, food festivals, music events, and beautiful scenery.

Indeed, its rolling green landscape makes it a favourite for outdoor enthusiasts, and surfers, ramblers and climbers come here in their droves every year to enjoy their pastime in one of the most picturesque locations of the UK. 

Now another group of people have been revealed as Devon fans – 4x4 drivers.

According to Admiral Car Insurance, adventurous motorists have clear favourites when it comes to areas of the country they love to drive around in, and one of these is Devon, and more specifically, Beaworthy. 

This was the 15th most popular destination in the UK for 4x4 enthusiasts as 21.61 per cent of cars in the area insured by Admiral are 4x4s.

Devon was also found to be incredibly popular among those arranging holidays in the UK, with 48 per cent planning a staycation in the next 12 months instead of heading abroad. Of the most popular destinations holidaymakers listed, Devon was high up on the list, according to research from Direct Line Travel Insurance.

Something holidaymakers and 4x4 fans can enjoy while adventuring around the county is an exhibition at the Mayne Gallery. Visitors can currently see Sophie Gregson’s Fused Glass, New Seascapes and Seashore Birds by Lynda Walker, and Original Paintings by Caroline Appleyard.

The gallery is one of the leading centres for original, contemporary art in Devon and hosts a vast collection of work from around the world, including pieces from internationally renowned artists and those who are just emerging.
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