News > 19 October 2016

Devon Life Magazine Begins Their Search For A Landscape Artist 2016

We do have our fair share of remarkable artists that bring us such incredible views that they have found inspiration in, a rich variety of talent from our region and beyond, including such notables as Howard Birchmore, James Bonstow, Kit Johns, Sophie Gregson, Wendy Chudley and John Donaldson - who we have been lucky enough to spend a few hours chatting to about what brought him to the genre.

John is a genuinely genial man to have a conversation with. Restricting the topics to art is difficult with someone so open to life’s journey and where it has carried him. His love of music equal to his passion for painting - Inspired by Constable, Spencer Gore, Hercules Brabazon Brabazon, David Hockney and newer exponents such as Richard Bond, Jane Corsellis and Frederick Cuming, John needs to put everything down. ‘No message to input really’ - simply and honestly a ‘looking to see’ the subjects and let the motion of the brushes bring life to what the eye is discovering. Never being a slave to the scene but being its messenger to allow us, the viewers, to be a part of it. That moment. That joy. That hint of solace perhaps, but always an artists’ honesty - a celebration of the uncelebrated

It was a delight to be in the company of this exceedingly talented, popular and collectable artist, someone who inspires others to pick up the brush, pencil or whatever they need to express themselves with. A champion of the continuing tradition of landscape painting – that passion to present us with textures and forms that remind us of what we pass through, and perhaps pass by. An ability to show us things we might never see and illuminate the world so that our eyes will widen to witness these views and make us wonder at the wonder all around us.

This passion to present us something unique shared by Sophie Gregson, one of our youngest and most innovative artists and in her own way, carrying on the tradition of landscape art in her chosen medium of fused glass. The looking and the seeing, the searching for objects to incorporate in the interpretations of what she discovers. Sophie’s latest works mixing the 2D elements of photography within her 3D glass forms set to be as collectable as her previous pebble boats, we think.

Do watch out for us in the next issue of Devon Life, where we will be featured as part of our sponsorship of the Landscape Painter competition 2016. An involvement that we are suitably excited about - looking forward to seeing the submissions and finding future talent to feature in the gallery.

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