News > 26 September 2016

UFOs Spotted In Dartmoor Skies!

If you find yourself in Dartmoor, looking for sculptures for sale, then you also might want to start looking for alien lifeforms as well. Apparently, police in the local area were recently inundated with countless phone calls from concerned members of the general public after UFOs were spotted in the skies over West Devon.

According to the North Devon Journal, flashes and floating lights were seen in the skies which many seemed to attribute to martians popping over from their planet for a visit, despite the fact that Dartmoor is often used as a training ground for the Armed Forces… which may be a more reasonable explanation.

Local police forces put out a tweet while the calls were coming in, saying: “I can confirm there are no #UFOs over #Okehampton. @BritishArmy have an exercise ongoing with flares.. Countless 999 calls now... #WordsFail."

This isn’t the first time that this kind of thing has happened in the UK, however. Back in 2013, the Ministry of Defence released batches of files to The National Archives, 25 of which contained details about contact with aliens and alleged abductions, as well as UFO sightings near landmarks in the country.

Dr David Clarke, behind the release of the files, said at the time that many of the sightings reported could be attributed to Chinese lanterns floating in the sky, even though people failed to recognise them as such at the time.

If you want to see some of the places where UFOs have been sighted in Devon, take a look at the UFO map on the Exeter Express and Echo website. It makes for interesting reading!

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