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Louise Luton, a passionate artist, draws inspiration from the beauty of nature to create captivating artworks that bring joy to the viewer. With a deep love for her surroundings and an astute observation of the world, her paintings reflect a harmonious fusion of vibrant splashes and subtle tones. Through expressive animal portraits on natural linen and striking landscapes, Louise showcases her delight in painting and her profound connection to the rural countryside that envelops her Salisbury studio. Exploring the delicate balance of nature, Louise's art captures moments teeming with vitality, where stillness conceals the potential for life to burst forth. Her creative process combines spontaneous sketches, photographs, and various references, which undergo meticulous formalization in the studio. With a focus on composition, contrasts, and the interplay of color, she applies layers and transparent glazes to imbue her works with a jubilant depth that invites the viewer into her world. Employing traditional oil painting techniques, Louise begins by establishing a formal structure, centering on either the horizon or the eyes as focal points. It is in the final layers that she embraces the freedom to play with light and color, resulting in highly dramatic and captivating pieces that command attention.

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