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Mark is a painter who captures the beauty and tranquillity of the coast in his realist artistic representations. He has been painting for over twenty-five years, honing his skills and techniques through self-taught practice and observation. He has exhibited his paintings in many galleries and venues across the UK, receiving praise and recognition for his talent and dedication. Mark's style is informed by the nature of light and luminosity, in his recreation of subtle variations and reflections of the sun, sky, and water. In his application of oil paints with brushes Mark creates smooth and detailed imagery, giving his paintings an immersive quality. He draws inspiration from the natural scenery and atmosphere of Devon, where he lives and works. By sharing his passion and appreciation for the coast with his collectors Mark invites them to experience the calm and joy through his paintings. He also leads workshops and art classes at his studio, teaching students to paint with acrylics and oil paints. Mark’s relationship to the coastline is also a spiritual experience for him; as he embodies a deep connection to the energies of air and water. “All motion in the natural world is infinite, and everything carries an underlying frequency which people can relate to and build a rapport with when it is harmonious. My art is an extension of this, in that it can promote wellbeing and peacefulness, encouraging connection with my paintings and as a result be inspired by this energy, be moved by the sheer beauty of the coastline”. In addition to his art, Mark has created two albums of relaxation music and gained a First and Second Degree certification in Reiki healing. His creative endeavours don't end there, Mark has also written a number of books about his spiritual experiences. He enjoys meditation and practises ‘passive inner contemplation’ daily.

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