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The Accountant-Turned-Artist Making Waves in the art scene Rajan Seth, a London-based artist, has been garnering attention for his captivating abstract works. As a qualified accountant, he realized that his analytical mind was calling him to a more creative path. His unconventional approach to painting, which involves using tools like palette knives and paint scrapers, allows him to create layers, texture, and contrast in each piece. Rajan's signature style also features his love for incorporating metallic colors and mixed media into his work. This approach has resulted in a unique, soft yet compelling aesthetic, and he often highlights how metallic colors reflect off the canvas from different angles, adding new dimensions to both the piece and the space in which it's hung. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, Rajan seeks to evoke different emotions and interpretations in viewers, and he's had the pleasure of working with a range of clients and celebrities, including Fearne Cotton, James Anderson (England Cricketer), Luke Evans (Actor), and Ashley Walters (Actor). Rajan's work explores the relationship between natural elements such as the sky, ocean, and weathered surfaces of rocks and cliffs. He brings these elements together to create a unique experience and understanding of the world. The contrast between the rough texture of a medium and the smoothness of ink or paint, as well as the reflection of metallics, creates a compelling composition and structure. In his recent works, Rajan has focused on crackling the surface of his paintings. He aims to add elements of physicality and the deterioration of surfaces that are common in the natural environment and particularly on surfaces closer to the coast. The result is a collection of pieces that evoke the rhythms of nature and outside forces, making for a truly immersive experience.

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