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Looking at a painting by one of our favourite artists, Tess Armitage, you cannot help but be struck by a sense of the artist in the landscape and, of being ‘in the scene’, which is such an integral part of Tess’ approach to painting…

Time spent wandering in the environment, she loves most, taking photographs, breathing in the sea air, listening to the rustle of the breeze across the beach grass, a feeling of being both lost and found in the immersion of the moment, before returning to the studio to let those sensory experiences find new life on the canvas.

This sense of belonging outdoors has always been a part of Tess’ life - before art became her calling - her youth spent on the farm would find her exploring her beloved Exmoor, with happiest moments in nature’s free spaces. And this complete love of the outdoors is so evident in the energy within her paintings.


A lover of Matisse and how the, most, simplest of marks can convey the most beautiful meaning, Tess has an innately intuitive approach to art creation; losing herself in a meditative space where the gestures are an automatic response to the act of depicting the scene.

Brushes that flit across the canvas, capturing the wild, the moving landscapes, the feel of the air beneath your fingers and that unique connection between artist and painting that presents us, the viewers, with their view, a glimpse into the familiar that is transformed in paint, surface, texture and composition to something unique by the artists’ hands.


Tess’ resolute belief in the positive power of art has recently led her to initiate her own collaborative project; inviting a wide range of artists and non-artists of all ages, from 4 to 80, to just express themselves on canvasses she sent to them.

This stimulating and enlightening ‘art in isolation’ idea resulted in an online exhibition of all the works produced, raising over £3,000 for NHS Charities.

A reminder, if needed, in this time of the authentic power of art to unite, inspire, connect and reward us on so many levels.

An affirmation of the artist herself and her firm belief that “art should be uplifting, like sunlight breaking through clouds - it should let joy into the world”. And that is certainly evident in the work of this talented and passionate artist.

Click here to view a selection of the latest paintings from Tess.

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