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Artist Insight: Lucy Young

Can you tell us about your journey to the arts?

Being creative has always come very naturally to me, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating something. So deciding which direction to pursue was very easy, studying Art at A-level, foundation level and finally University in London. My earliest artworks were predominantly figurative with fine details, but as I developed my skills I knew my deep love of the ocean was my calling to paint the sea. My early figurative paintings still serve me now, as I love to paint the intricate details of people enjoying a day at the beach.

What made you decide to become a painter?

I love to lose myself in a painting using the liquid light to capture the spirit of the sea. Paint is so versatile and satisfying, I love to experiment and push boundaries daily. Every aerial scene I paint from has varying light and textures, so I find myself continually growing, learning and experimenting and as a result, no two paintings are ever the same.

What is the inspiration behind your work?

From a very early age growing up on the Dorset Coast, I have been fascinated by the sea and it’s ever-changing flow through the seasonal changes. When painting I have this indescribable sense that through the medium of paint I am channeling the essence of the sea, bringing that invigorating yet calming emotion we all feel when close to or in the water.

I am truly inspired by the human interaction with the sea, I want to transport you with my aerial scenes, and bring that connection into clients homes. After discovering aerial photography, I knew I had found a way to capture the relationship of the ocean and human life, in the most elegant and breathtakingly beautiful way.

What is your creative process?

A painting starts in my heart and mind long before paint touches canvas. I am continually absorbing the changes of the sea and capturing the world from above with my drone. I select photos instinctively, getting an excited flutter in my stomach when seeing the image I want to paint. Fresh from my morning walk or run by the sea, I am then ready to step into my studio, select my favourite music, light a scented candle and immerse myself in creative process. I am most alive when painting, there is no sense of time, a daily meditative practice painting from my soul.

As an artist what does a typical day look like for you?

I always rise early to give myself time to exercise before the children wake. A combination of running, sea swimming or yoga all before the hour of 7am. After the morning routine of breakfast with the children followed by school run, I am then in the studio and ready for the day ahead. I have a ritual of tea, scented candle and singing bowl before selecting my favourite playlist. I then lose myself in paint and canvas, feeling transported to the shores. I can even see the sea from my studio, so I am lucky to have the inspiration there in front of me daily.

My working day ends at school run time, often heading out with paint splatters on my hands and face. Sometimes it is hard to pull myself away from my studio, but I am a true believer that a painting should never be rushed. Some of my best painting have resulted from a pause, then when I return to my artworks fresh the next morning I know instinctively what a painting needs to make it truly special.

What moment in your career are you most proud of?

I started painting fresh out of University, but for the first few years I continued to have various jobs alongside this to support myself. Then 17 years ago I knew it was time to take a leap of faith, and say good bye to my day job. This was the best and most courageous decision I have ever made, and have never looked back. I have true faith in myself and the universe, that I am here to bring uplifting joy through my creations.

Are you trying to say anything or share a message through your work?

My objective is to inspire and bring happiness into clients homes daily. I have a vivid memory from my art history lessons, seeing the messages historical artist had portrayed through their art. I knew instinctively I wanted nothing more than to uplift people through art, this was my message. I still share this passion with my younger self, painting is a true window to my soul .I desire only to lift you, but I also hope my creations are a symbol of gratitude to nature. A beautiful reminder of just how lucky we are to live on this little blue planet with all it’s breathtaking awe and wonder.

Seeing the world from above has a humbling effect, I recently read a beautiful book by Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hann and his words re-enforced my feeling of why I am so drawn to the aerial perspective;

“It is reported that astronauts orbiting high up in space stations, spend most of their free time contemplating the breath taking sight of earth far below. On the first trip to the Moon, astronauts were stunned to see the moon rise above the suns desolate horizon, we know that on the moon there are no trees rivers or birds. No other planet has yet to have been found with life as we know it.”

This is a powerful yet simple reminder of just how lucky we are to live on planet Earth.

Are there any causes that you believe in/that you're involved in?

I feel very connected to the natural world, and have a deep desire to protect and fully appreciate every element of this beautiful planet. I am proud to be in partnership with Creating tomorrow’s forest, a UK based reforestation programme. For every painting or print purchased from my collections Creating Tomorrow’s Forest will plant a tree, and every month I pay to plant a wild flower meadow all here in the UK, helping replace our lost forests and rebuild our diverse habitats.

Sustainability has always been at the core of my art, and inspiration for my pieces is drawn from the time I spend immersed in nature. But, for everything we take we must replace so our future generations can continue to enjoy the world we know and love.

What other artists/creatives inspire you?

I am most drawn to artist who clearly connect to their art form on a spiritual level. To me the most successful people in any creative form is when you can feel their soul shine through. Mozart and Elton John to name just two, do it through Music, J.M.W Turner revealed his soul through his incredible ability to capture light, Barbara Hepworth crafted her passion through her beautiful organic sculptures. I sense this passion with many modern day artist too, and I feel blessed daily to have an opportunity to express my true self through paint.

Tell us something you think your collectors/buyers would find surprising about you or your work

I am a cold water swimmer, and take daily freezing cold showers. Believing that cold water therapy is the best way to start your day and focus your mind.

I also love to start my day with a gratitude frenzy, verbally listing everything I am grateful for. It has a way of lifting my energy and making me smile. I love the fact my young children are now adopting this too.