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Chatting to one of our latest featured artists; Shaun Gagg on a Friday afternoon, discovering what makes this plain speaking passionate no-nonsense Yorkshireman tick, reminds us of why art is such a joyous, life enriching calling.

Our conversation was wide-ranging, engaging and meandering – like all 'proper' chats are, even though this phone interview was as far removed from the social setting of his Filey Fishing Village as could be! The normal of lockdown life providing its restrictions to what is obviously such an integral aspect of Shaun’s life and art.

A journey of epic proportions in materials and the discovery of how what we make in the landscape can entertain, amaze and start people off on their own adventures! With Shaun’s early work on the beaches around his home creating a stir amongst the locals, with rumours of mystical stone formations changing and evolving on the coastline.

Often seen by the passing lifeboat crews who, after getting to know Shaun was the creator of these fascinating features, would often ask if he could wrestle some rocks out the sea to help keep channels clear!


Inspired by Barbara Hepworth and Andy Goldsworthy, Shaun’s understanding of how placing art in natural environments can make us make new connections and, as all art should, get us to question, consider and evaluate our place in the world.

Though, over the years, the constant stress on the body from the heavy lifting of slate and stone has seen Shaun turn to a more ‘gentle’ form of making in recent times. Still drawn to the solidity and feel of materials he now focuses on transforming found, or often donated, objects - most notably coins - into beautiful sculptural human forms; welding these pieces of the realm into a new realm of art that is highly dramatic in its sense of physicality.


“To make people wonder and see the joy on their faces when they see my work is all I ask”... and when you see Shaun’s art in the gallery, we know you will share that wonder. The force of the fusing of base metals into something strikingly sensuous – spending time with the sculptures and watching the changing light play on the surfaces and the spaces in between is an ever-changing pleasure.

We are anticipating a great deal of interest in these pieces and if you would like to find out more, simply drop an email to: