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Dive into the Inspiration Behind Lucy Young's 'Wild Wonders' Seascape Collection

What sparked your re-wilding experience, and how did it influence your artistic vision for the "Wild Wonders" collection?

I am continually fascinated by our connection to the land, the sea, the earth and so ‘Wild Wonders’ came about from a beautiful soulful experience.  I have for some time wanted to deepen my awareness of oneness, so when presented with an opportunity to explore this further through a four day intensive retreat, it felt very intuitive for me to fully immerse myself in the experience. 

I am drawn to the aerial perspective for the very reason that it has the ability to stimulate a humbling effect to the viewer, offering us a feeling of of connection to everything.  I strive to portray an energy that not only lifts your soul, but heightens your appreciation of the natural world and gifts you a sense of pure peace.

After four enchanting days by the sea surrounded by like minded individuals, I emerged with fresh eyes, excited to breathe new life into my artworks from this unique heightened depth of connection.

Can you describe the emotions or sensations you experienced during your re-wilding journey that you aimed to capture in your aerial seascape paintings?

There is one day in particular which has firmly secured a place in my heart.  We sat in a wooded area around a stone circle, running stream nearby and surrounded by the sounds of nature, we were encouraged to close our eyes whilst our mentor gently drummed all around us.  The emotions evoked during this moment are indescribable , so instead I will share with you a paragraph from my journal written minutes after this heart opening experience.

“Vibrations of energy, water flowing, birds singing. Vibrations flow through me and I feel the rhythm of my heart with every breath. The energy that binds us all flows through us, through the trees, through the air, into the earth, beneath the earth.  My body is as much part of this place as the trees that surround us, the water that flows, the birds that sing.  This is a moment, one I may never get to repeat in the same way, but in this moment I find stillness, love, gentle light, sounds of the trees swaying, a woodpecker pecking. I feel oneness, I am everything and nothing, I am huge and microscopic, I am light, I am dark, I am loud, I am quiet. I am safe, I am loved, I am more than my body.  I am pure essence, an element. One Day I will no longer be in physical form, but I am more than my body. I am pure, I am spirit.”

Just as my journaling comes from deep within my soul, this has enabled me to bare my inner spirit to you through my artworks. Which hopefully in turn your spirit speaks back.

How do you translate the vastness and beauty of the natural into your artwork, particularly in scenes where land and sea meet from an aerial perspective?

I feel into the energy for a place, so when I paint I have an extraordinary sense of embodiment of the elements I paint.  It is very difficult to put into words, but during my painting practice I fall into a mediative state where I am the sparkling sea, the effervescent shoreline, the cascading light, the people.  With every brushstroke an inner compass guides me and I get an excitable buzz in my stomach when I intuitively know my painting is coming together. It is only at the very end when I step back that I can fully appreciate the journey each painting takes me on.

In what ways does your collection reflect the fragility and resilience of marine ecosystems, and how do you hope viewers will engage with these themes?

By inviting the viewers to feel connected to all that binds us through my artwork, I hope my paintings are a gentle and loving reminder of just how fortunate we are to live on planet earth with all of her beauty and wonder.  I like to ponder the fact that there are no other planets as we know it with oceans, trees, flowers, birdsong.  This is always a beautiful reminder of just how lucky we are and how we should always cherish her.

From conception to completion, can you walk us through your creative process for capturing the essence of each seascape in your paintings?

For me the stimulus can either come from being in a place, or even finding a photo which speaks to me.  My stomach is my compass and I get a flutter of excitement when I find a place I want to paint.  Even with commissions, I feel into the energy of my clients and find their love of a place infectious. I then get an excited feeling knowing I am bringing their favourite beaches to life.

With every step of my creative practice I listen with my heart, as this enables me to translate the energy of a place onto canvas so you not only see a beautiful artwork, but you can feel it.

How do you balance realism with artistic interpretation when portraying aerial views of the sea and coastline in your artwork?

I never strive for realism, as for me art is the language of the soul so I instead love to capture the essence of a place. However, whenever I am by the sea I am continually observing every element, the ebb and flow, the shapes of the sea froth, the light and refraction.  So when I bring that into my studio, I find that through my abstract fluid style of painting I reveal something of a true representation of a place.  However, It is the way a painting makes you feel that is most important to me.

Your collection seems to evoke a sense of awe and reverence for the natural world. How do you hope viewers will respond to this emotional resonance, and what message or feeling do you aim to convey through your paintings?

I strive to speak directly to your heart, so that you can feel into the seascape.  Just like the sea, I hope that with every glimpse my paintings lift your soul and soften you into a place of peace and calm.

Can you share any specific challenges or breakthrough moments you encountered while translating your re-wilding experiences into visual art for the "Wild Wonders" collection?

Collections are a wonderful journey and ‘Wild wonders’ has been my favourite to date.  Each painting has a little story even beyond my time in the studio. I have been rising at 5.30am most days to fill my soul through running and yoga before the children awake, so when I arrive in my creative space I am excited to paint. 

This collection was an opportunity to push boundaries, have fun and feel into the rugged coastal landscape of the South Hams.  The further I travelled along this journey of creation, the wilder my paintings became.  I was drawn to the deep crashing waves on Broad Sands, the gentle flow of Mill Bay, the dancing light at Splat cove. Every piece has taken me on a little journey of love, gratitude and appreciation for our natural world and I truly hope you feel this beautiful energy too.

What role do you believe art plays in fostering a deeper connection between humanity and the environment, and how does "Wild Wonders" contribute to this dialogue?

Painting is a soulful art form.  Through paint I am baring you my true self, and this is why art speaks to us beyond our intellectual minds.  Art is so much more than something beautiful, it is a daily window to your soul.

We invite you to experience the enchanting seascapes of Lucy Young's 'Wild Wonders' collection, where every brushstroke captures the serene beauty and profound connection to nature that inspired her. Allow these stunning pieces to transform your space and spirit, offering a daily reminder of the natural world's fragility and resilience. Reach out to us by phone email or popping into the gallery to explore how these captivating artworks can bring the tranquillity and splendour of the South Hams coast into your home. 

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