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Women In Art Summer Show

Welcome to Mayne Gallery's Summer Show celebrating Women In Art. A remarkable showcase of talented women artists from near and far. Join us as we bring together artworks of five exceptional artists who captivate the senses and ignite imagination.

Mayne Gallery, we are honored to present this extraordinary exhibition here in Kingsbridge that celebrates the creativity and artistic brilliance of women. Through their unique perspectives and expression, these talented women artists redefine traditional approaches to creativity.

Step through the gallery doors this summer exhibition from June 24th until July 10th, as we immerse ourselves in vibrant wildlife, serene still life, stylish ceramics, radiant stained glass, and intricate botanical worlds. Experience the visceral power of art to transcend boundaries and touch hearts.

Whether you are an art enthusiast, a curious observer, or looking to start your own art collection, Mayne Gallery's all-women artist summer exhibition is an unmissable opportunity to witness the incredible talent and creative vision of these extraordinary women artists.

Visit us to celebrate women in art, where creativity knows no bounds and the feminine spirit shines bright. We look forward to welcoming you to our gallery in Kingsbridge Devon and sharing the beauty and wonder that awaits within.

 About the artists...

Louise Luton, a vibrant wildlife artist, invites you into a world bursting with energy and colour. Her brushstrokes breathe life into each animal she paints, capturing their energy and spirit. Through her vivid paintings, Louise translates wild and untamed elements of nature onto earthy linen canvas.

Amy Chudley's soft yet striking still life oil paintings evoke a tangible sense of serenity. With an impeccable eye for composition, Amy brings everyday objects to life with delicate brushwork and a nuanced colour palette. Her artwork invites us to pause, appreciate the beauty in the ordinary, and find solace in the simplicity of a moment.

Claire Palastanga, a nature-inspired ceramicist, hand crafts ceramic pieces that emulate natural forms like urchins and sea shells. Her intricate sculptures and vessels speak to the delicate balance and resilience of the natural environment. Using earthen tones, gold glazes and organic forms, Claire invites us to reconnect with our roots and celebrate the beauty of the earth that sustains us.

Ellie Drake Lee's Stained Glass Garden Art is a fusion of craftsmanship and imagination. Each piece is a symphony of color and light, illuminating the space around it and creating mesmerizing garden suclptures. Through her stained glass creations, Ellie invites us to rediscover the magic that lies within the interplay of sunlight and glass.

Sally Bramble's encaustic wax art transports us to a botanical world of texture and depth. Her meticulous layering creates bright, multidimensional pieces that distill the joy of flora. ⁠Sally's work, inspired by retro textiles and print, invites a marvelously vibrant pop of colour with a hint of sparkle that catches the beauty that exists in every petal and leaf.⁠