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Bespoke framing services The right frame for your work of art...


Bespoke Framing


The right frame for the work of art is never just a surround. It will harmonise and enhance the piece, be that a painting, an original print or even an object!

Choosing the perfect mount, moulding and glass can be a daunting or exciting journey! We like to believe it will be the latter…

And our bespoke, conservation quality, framing service is the perfect solution to helping you make the perfect choice. We are locally renowned for our expertise, knowledge and framing choices that are guaranteed to best preserve your artwork and display it to its best effect.


Whether it’s an original oil, a vintage map or poster, limited edition print or cherished ephemera… each project is individually appraised with the sole purpose of displaying and protecting for years of pleasure.

Our first stage consultation provides the opportunity to discover the range of options available and, working with you, we help fine-tune the choices, looking at:

  • Backing material
  • Canvas stretching
  • Mount options
  • Frame styles and mouldings
  • Glass - UVPro, True Colour Minimum Reflection & Museum Quality
  • Fixings

“We’ve had a number of our own pictures framed there - some photographs and other works collected on our travels - and always been delighted with the results... Our top tip would be to go for the non-reflective glass, which makes such a huge difference that it’s definitely worth the slightly higher cost.”

Call 01548 853848 to book a framing assessment appointment and let us help you find the perfect solution.

* Framing materials used in photographs supplied by Larson Juhl.

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